20% off TEMPUR-Topper Supreme + Free TEMPUR-Cloud® Pillow and Sleep Mask ($118 value)

20% off TEMPUR-Topper Supreme + Free TEMPUR-Cloud® Pillow and Sleep Mask ($118 value)

TEMPUR-Topper Supreme™

Improves your dorm bed

TEMPUR-Topper Supreme™ starting at only Original price: $359.00 Current price: $287.20
Limited-Time Offer

Save 20% on any size TEMPUR-Topper Supreme™ + Free Gifts (Up to $118 Savings)

The perfect mattress topper for your dorm room
It’s important for a college dorm room to be a home away from home. And how do you ensure that? By focusing on the dorm bed.
  • College dorm mattresses aren’t built for comfort and support.
    Typical dorm mattress are thin slabs of foam wrapped in plastic. They are uncomfortable, and don’t provide the support you need for a good night’s sleep.
  • Add a layer of premium memory foam to your dorm mattress.
    Our memory foam mattress topper is 3” thick and conforms to your body to relieve pressure points, and deliver the quality sleep you need to succeed in your classes.
  • Create a sleep-friendly environment in your dorm room.
    Complete your dorm bed with comfy sheets and pillows, use blackout shades, and try to maintain a regular wake and sleep schedule even on the weekends.
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Why is our mattress topper the best?
Why is our mattress topper the best?
TEMPUR® material
Our proprietary formulation adapts to your body for personalized support
3 inches thick
Premium memory foam improves the comfort of a mattress
Removable cover
Removable and washable as well as dust-mite and allergen resistant
Fits your needs
Comes in the unique dorm size of Twin XL

20% off TEMPUR-Topper Supreme + free TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow and Sleep Mask ($118 value)

20% off TEMPUR-Topper Supreme + free TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow and Sleep Mask ($118 value)

See why our college students love our mattress topper
“Perfect for college dorms”
I bought this for a nephew starting college in a dorm. It has made a world of difference in the quality of sleep he gets.
My son at college feels spoiled. His bed tops everyone there at college. My Fourth kid,... and he now has the supreme bed topper! Lol
“Super Topper”
My daughter is using the topper at college. She loves it and the good news is we can use it for 4 years!
a woman in her dorm room reading on her Tempur-Topper Supreme

Top your dorm mattress with our Twin XL memory foam mattress topper, supportive pillows and soft sheets to create the perfect oasis. Our mattress topper will fit standard Twin XL sheet sets.

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a woman in her dorm room texting on her Tempur-Topper Supreme

Our mattress topper is made with proprietary TEMPUR® material to deliver truly personalized comfort and support. It also minimizes pressure points that can keep you awake.

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One mattress topper. Countless uses.
For youImprove the comfort and support of an older mattress.
For kidsGive your kids more comfortable and supportive sleep.
For guestsPlace it on a pullout couch, futon, or even on the floor.
For travelingUse it in hotel rooms, RVs, campsites, and more.
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  • Assembled in USA

  • Proprietary TEMPUR® Material

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